FLIMP® Video and Multimedia Content Communications Platform Features

Key Platform and Software Features

  • Easy to use – no programming or IT support required
  • Quickly create interactive video postcards and microsites
  • Instant reporting of campaign and individual viewer activity
  • Embed tools for video email, websites and social media
  • Integrates with all internal and external email systems
  • Works seamlessly on mobile smartphones and tablets
  • Drag-and-drop video + multimedia content creative studio
  • Create custom video players that support multiple videos
  • IP security tools for sensitive internal communications
  • Unlimited audio and video file hosting and delivery

corporate communications

marketing communications

Content Creation and Distribution Tools

Video and Multimedia Communications

  • Quickly create video email and video postcard campaigns
  • Create multimedia microsites and video landing pages
  • Instant campaign and viewer tracking and reporting
  • Distribute through any email system with instant tracking
  • Host and embed videos, PDFs, audio files and presentations
  • Searchable content management library
  • Global content delivery network
  • Easily share reports with dynamic hyperlinks

internal communications

Video and Multimedia Training Microsites

  • Create customized video training microsites
  • Create branded chaptered video presentations
  • Track engagement by identifiable viewer email
  • Supports multiple videos in training microsites
  • Customize multi-video players and playlists
  • Deliver training by personal email with tracking
  • Host trackable PDFs, PPTs and training collateral with branded video training microsites

nonprofit communications

Tracking, Reporting and Analytics Tools

Key Communications Campaign Metrics

  • Total content views and video starts
  • Views by device type and browser (%)
  • Average time engaging with content
  • Average time spent watching video(s)
  • Total responses and response rate (%)
  • Response details by response action
  • Engagement – average number of touches
  • Viewer sharing activity – email and social

Key Individual Email Reporting Metrics

  • Number of content views and video starts
  • Type of device, OS and browser used
  • Total time spent on content in seconds
  • Total time engaged with video content
  • Clicks on video chapters, when applicable
  • Response actions and response details
  • Engagement – total number of touches
  • Sharing activity by email or social media

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